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Smallville: Chaos Brings it Back

Smallville has been having its own problems like many of DC’s comics. After Forever Evil – somewhat during as well if you ask me – DC has been doing things left and right to try and grab their readers, making the Green Lanterns relevant in at least three different storylines, one good two terrible for …

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Smallville Olympus brings Heaven to Earth

It gives a nice look at these two heroes, but compared to what was given before, it just feels like more of the same. Smallville did not disappoint; they just failed to woo when they have the spectacular storytelling. It's resolution was amazing, build up was nice. It only failed to pop.

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The Haunted Story of the Flash

With good combination of past and present for Smallville, Haunted is a breath of fresh air for comics as a whole. This comic is definitely worth the read for any comic book lover. it does not hurt if you watched and loved the series either.

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Batman vs Superman Done Right by Smallville

Batman and Superman's first meeting in the Smallville incarnation. Not only was it done right; it was done with purpose, making both characters more than personable but heroes people could root for. This is Superman vs Batman done right.

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Smallville Season 11: Going beyond TV

Tom Welling played Clark Kent, who just wanted to find his place in the world, beautifully. With every beat, he became someone to relate. Someone who lost his parents and wants to find his place in the world before he can be the hero the world needed.

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