This week, Sharp, Softbank, and Sprint announced a new line of devices called Aquos Crystal, which feature full-screen designs like nothing we’ve seen before. Sprint confirmed today that it would be getting the 5-inch Aquos Crystal smartphone, a new mid-range device unlike anything else in Sprint’s or other US carrier lineups. Oh, and it’s going to sell for a measly $239 without a contract (or $10 per month with Sprint’s Easy Pay plan or $149.99 on Sprint’s prepaid Boost or Virgin brands).

The star of the show is the Aquos Crystal’s 5-inch, 720p edge-to-edge display. There is virtually no bezel surrounding the screen, making it the first smartphone we can truly call “edge-to-edge”. It’s remarkable to see in pictures, but in person, it looked like something taken straight out of a science fiction movie set. I couldn’t stop looking at the screen — it’s really that striking. It reminds me of an infinity pool that has no edge.