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Support Team USA in Upcoming Robot Showdown

In what will go down as the battle for the ages, USA will be taking on Japan in duel of steel and fury…yep…it’s time for an epic robot showdown! And in the words of Uncle Sam, “We need you!” Yes, Mega Bots Inc. needs funding to upgrade their current giant robot to compete against Japan in a melee throw down! It’s the world’s first giant robot fight so we need to step up our game and represent the red, white and blue! They have recruited an all star team of robotic expert advisers as well on this venture. They include Grant Imahara, Peter Diamandis, Trey Roski, and Greg Munson to help in the fight.

At the moment USA’s existing Mk. II tops out at 2.5mph and is built more for long range combat. To be able to go hand-to-hand against Japan’s robot, they need to add some heavy duty armor plating, more firepower, upgrade their hydraulics to handle the heavier armor and firepower, increase their top speed, a better power unit to handle that new hydraulic system and speed, modular melee and ranged weapon options, a dynamic balancing algorithm, Life Safety Systems, and also a sweet new Hollywood grade paint job (by Fon Davis and the team at FonCo Creative Services). So at the end of the day the cost of a fully upgraded Mk. II will run $1,500,000. So dig deep folks! Also by backing this Kickstarter you can snag yourself all sorts of awesome goodies like stickers, tee shirts, posters, a chance to join the pit crew on the big day, and much more!


[Source: Kickstarter]
Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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