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50 Cent Challenged Mayweather to Read a Page From Harry Potter; I Offer 50 Cent a Different Challenge

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to raise more and more money for various ALS charities, many celebs have taken this as a chance to show they’re actually pretty cool people with big hearts.

Not 50 Cent.


Fifty went on Instagram recently and challenged boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to what he called the “ALS/ESL Challenge.”

It all started with comments that Mayweather made in response to a question via a social media interviews in which he called 50 Cent, T.I. and Nelly “Irrelevant”… among other things.

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The video isn’t much better, with 50 Cent calling Mayweather “n***a” and throwing the water out, saying “f**k the bucket of ice.” (Editor’s Note: I’m not posting the video. It doesn’t need any more views)

So basically he’s taking this as an opportunity to make fun of not only Mayweather, but also people with learning disabilities and a deadly disease. See 50, this is why you can’t go nice places and probably why ‘Animal Ambition’ bombed big time.

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Please, allow me to also point out the irony in the fact that he mispelled “accept”.

Jokes aside, this makes me sick to my stomach. Here’s my issue.  Feuding celebrities is nothing new.  Trash talking here and there, it happens.  But calling out, insulting and laughing at someone for trying to read is cruel and unusual and crosses every line. In addition, Fifty ridiculed everyone who has participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for a good cause.  This is merely an example of bullying at it’s finest.  I understand that Mayweather can be an arrogant jerk and he’s probably not the most like-able person, but that doesn’t justify being publicly bullied and humiliated.   Disabilities are no laughing matter, regardless of how famous a person is or how often he raves about how incredible he may be.


So, Fifty, here is my challenge to you.  I challenge you to grow up and be the bigger person.  Apologize for your video and challenge and recognize that your words and inconsideration were received far beyond Floyd Mayweather Jr.  You insulted and offended people and organizations all around the world.  Additionally, instead of sitting on $750,000 and bullying an individual with a learning disability, take some of that money and donate it to organizations like to allow those struggling with learning disabilities to get the help they need.  Or maybe to prevent others from hurting their peers the way you have.   Everyone struggles at things in life.  Everyone is better at some things than other’s.  But nobody is perfect.  The challenge is yours to “accept”.

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