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Canine Kleptomaniacs Is Coming To A Tabletop near You!

If you have not heard about Canine Kleptomaniacs then you are missing out on a fun card game perfect for the dog lover in your life!

About the game:

Canine Kleptomaniacs is a simple, silly, addictive, doggy card game that celebrates the bizarre thieving habits of our canine friends.
Like the average, faithful family hound, Canine Kleptomaniacs is unashamedly simple. It doesn’t employ any sophisticated gameplay or in-depth strategy. But don’t think because of this that it isn’t great fun and endlessly re-playable.

It’s all about Pooch Points.
You score Pooch Points by doing what comes naturally to all Canine Kleptomaniacs – thieving and hiding underwear, socks, slippers and anything else that takes your fancy.

Choosing what to collect, when to hide and whether and what to trade with other players (as well as having luck along the way) will ultimately determine your fortunes in this silly, fun, fast-paced, simple-to-learn, family-and-dog-friendly card game.

What is it about?

 You’ll be trying to make up and hide sets of Squeaky Toys, Mangled Old Shoes, Golden Y Fronts and all manner of other pongy titbits to score the most Pooch Points.

You’ll be trying to bluff other players into taking this revolting splat off you to avoid going down 30 Pooch Points at the end of the game! 

You’ll celebrate as you’re endowed with the power of the Ultimate Paw of Pilferage and then protest loudly as it’s nabbed from you. 

 You’ll encounter Fishy Blasts, Flakey Back Crumbs and Fluffy Rumbles.

The joyful graphic styling, doggy-theme and light, accessible gameplay combine to create a ludicrous all-ages game, which despite being simple to learn and play, is strangely addictive and endlessly replayable. 


Canine Kleptomaniacs Anticipation Rating

Theme/Lore - 8.5
Art/Components - 8
Gameplay - 8


This is an anticipation rating for Canine Kleptomaniacs based off of information provides or found on their website and or Kickstarter.

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