Choco Treasure Spiderman Surprise Toy

IMG_4849While I was out today I found these adorable Spiderman treasure eggs. I used to collect the WonderBalls, when they had Disney toys in them. Chocolate eggs filled with toys have been harder to find in the United States since they banned them for children getting hurt on eating the toys. I remember that sad day when they changed from toys to pieces of candy inside the ball/egg. Now you have to buy imports to be able to get the toys. So I was totally ecstatic when I found these Spiderman ones today.

I thought this was super cool that these even existed. So I unwrapped one to see what it was all about. I got stickers in my first egg and I have yet to open another because I am not eating much chocolate at the moment and I realized that this is a fun way for me to have treats.

The chocolate is not the greatest chocolate but it is to be expected when you are buying candies that aren’t based on the chocolate but on the toys. For $2.99 these eggs of chocolate and toys are a novelty not a necessity, but definitely a fun little treat for a day when you need a little pick me up.

The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars

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