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DC’s Continued Costume Changes

So if you’re on the Justice League, you’re fair game to be changed. And it cannot be lied about, some of them look pretty slick. As opposed to Superman, who has been changed three times. THREE! That’s more times than DC comics has changed their icon in the last fifteen years. Fifteen years!

The first of these three icons was changed in 1972. But was not altered again for almost thirty years.  But let’s look at how often Superman has been changed since 2011.

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The problem is when you change someone or elements so often it shows DC’s commitment to what matters aesthetically rather than the substance in the comics. According to, DC is proving to be very successful with this route; however, comics like Infinite Crisis, All-Star Superman, The Dark Knight Returns, even Smallville, and Injustice more recently are more about substance and gives us some things to be remembered and are more about iconic moments that define the characters we all know.

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Let’s hope that in the time to come with the visual changes with these amazing heroes also bring some more riveting stories that bring us back to remember who these characters truly are.

I cannot lie when I say though, these changes are slicker than ever.


Green Lantern looks more like a sorcerer than he does the intergalactic warrior. And I cannot lie, it is perfect given that he, as a character has some of the most growth since the New 52’s premiere. From start up, he was an arrogant punk who was given great power rather than a leader figure he is becoming to the lantern.

Green Arrow is starting to look more like Robin Hood, which really exemplifies his roots. And I do not mean his New 52. His roots, his inception and his creation back in November 1941. Honestly, I could not be more proud.

The Flash looks to be more of a god than a hero. And that is how he should be. A modern day mercury is what he looks like, with the sleek material to boot.

What do you all think of the the new look for these heroes? Should DC maybe focus more on their stories than their looks?

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