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Divorce Simulator Review

If you are into “party games” (games that fit the same category as Cards Against Humanity) and have not heard about Divorce Simulator then you are missing out. We recently received a prototype of the upcoming card game for review, and have to say we were a bit surprised at how much fun we had playing!

About the game:

Coming soon to Kickstarter!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a divorce? Live that fantasy with Divorce Simulator! Slam the deck down in front of your spouse (or anyone) and tell them you want a divorce, then see who can trick the other into giving up more stuff!

You will take turns splitting possessions (or even relationships with other people) by laying out cards for the other player to choose from on their . Bluff by putting some face up and some face down, and tempt your former spouse into taking the pile you want them to take while leaving the good stuff for you.

Compete for a majority in 5 different categories like Reputation and Possessions in this game of deduction and dark humor. The player who wins 3 or more categories by grabbing the best set of possessions and deceiving their spouse/opponent into choosing poorly will win the game! 


Let me first say this was a prototype with unfinished cards and small rules, so the finished game when it launches will have addressed some of the issues we had. Divorce Simulator is a fast-paced card game for two people that is small enough to fit in your pocket.


The Good:

The game is fast-paced. Divorce Simulator has very easy rules making it a good game to get no gamers involved in playing. It has a lot of cards in the small box making it a good game to grab when you are traveling as it can easily fit in a pocket. The artwork is fun and fits them perfectly.
It has both strategy and randomness which is always a plus for a lightweight “party game”

The Not So Good:

The only other thing that we should bring up is whoever goes first, will end up with 3 fewer cards then the second player in the end, but this may be by design as the first player is the one who “called for divorce”, so it acts as a penalty, so we figured we should mention it as some player may not understand or like that one aspect.

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In answer to the one thing that we might have found “not so good,

“…each player should get an equal number of picks (12 picks total, 6 picks each). however, because the piles often have different numbers of cards, one player may end up with more cards due to which piles they choose. so the player who calls for the divorce may end up with 3 fewer cards, or 5 fewer, or 2 more, etc depending on what they pick. “

Again the only downside we really had was the fact that it was a prototype so art issues, rule size booklet being small are things the publisher will have done by the time of launch.

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If you are looking for a fun easy game to play or take with you when traveling, then you will want to be sure to keep an eye out for the launch of
Divorce Simulator.

Divorce Simulator Review

Gameplay - 8
Rules - 9
Art - 7.3


Divorce Simulator is a fun fast-paced game filled with strategy and

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