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Dungeon Drop “Instant Dungeon… Infinite Possibilities!”

If you are like us then you love tabletop games and dungeon crawls, well here is an upcoming game that you will love. Dungeon Drop combines strategy, press-your-luck with bidding in a unique way that has a limitless play.

Overview: Introducing Dungeon Drop

Instant Dungeon…  Infinite Possibilities!

Dungeon Drop is a tabletop game for 2-4 players, featuring unique gameplay elements that guarantee that no two games will ever be the same. Dungeon Drop blends strategy, bidding, and press-your-luck with a novel spatial element that will challenge casual and hardcore gamers alike!

At the start of the game, all dungeon cubes, loot and goblin alike, are dropped onto the table, creating a dungeon layout with infinite possibilities. Then players use their unique heroes to choose one of the rooms in the dungeon (as identified by Pillar cubes) and take all the loot within.


It is the Age of Heroes
As a new darkness descends upon the world, ancient secrets have come to light. Those lost so long ago now emerge from centuries of isolation, changed into monstrous imitations of their former selves and bearing mighty secrets of the Long Ago. The Known Lands need heroes, and the Queen has promised glory and treasure for those willing to enter this shattered landscape in search of these secrets. The risks will be great, and the dangers unknown. Will you be brave enough to seek your fortune?

– Number of Players: 2-4
– Time: 15 minutes
– Ages: 8+

Special Bonus Promo will be available exclusively for those that subscribe to their mailing list BEFORE the game gets launched! Be sure to subscribe now!

Coming to Kickstarter on June 4, 2019!

Be sure to follow Phase Shift Games on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at BGG to learn more and get announcements.


Editors Note: As with any good game makers, Phase Shift Games is continually working on the game to be sure to provide the best gaming experience they can, and is subject to change until they launch the game. The rating below is purely based off of information, art, etc. as of time of writing.

Dungeon Drop Anticipation Reveiw

Components - 7
Gameplay - 8.5
Lore - 7


This is an anticipation review based off of information provided, not from gameplay.

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