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Gallery: Meet NVS

Recently I got to hang out with the local Northern Nevada K-pop dance group NVS!



NVS was created in Sparks, Nevada in 2014.  After some changes in the last couple years the group has finally narrowed down to 5. Junior Gonzalez, Eddie Robles, Jeff Am-Is, Josh Lopez, and Tylar Batalon.  All 5 gentlemen are totally sweet and super fun and can dance really well! I got to see them in action and they are fantastic! They will be performing at this year’s Sac Anime Kpop Battles on Saturday at 4pm! Check out some shots from a recent photoshoot I did for them:


_IGP9396      _IGP9417      _IGP9395   _IGP9420      _IGP9454     _IGP9460_IGP9446    _IGP9465   _IGP9509

_IGP9504    _IGP9433    _IGP9534

Don’t miss your chance to see NVS and other dance groups battle in Sacramento at Sac Anime this weekend!

All images by amportune

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