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Pirate-Centric Board Game Sea Shanties Is Live On Kickstarter!

If you are like us then you love Pirate themed games then you will definatly want to learn more about the upcoming game Sea Shanties. We are excited to share with you some of the never before seen card design not seen anywhere else and let you know the time is now to get in on the Kickstarter!

Prepare to Sail the Kanvus Sea!

You enter a weather-worn building on an island somewhere in the far western reaches of the Kanvus Sea. The small tavern is crowded but the dark, damp air inside, although heavy with must, is a refuge from the sweltering sun currently baking the island’s shore.

The tavern swells, bustling with privateers and buccaneers — a missing eye, arm, or leg seems to be the fee of admittance to join this raucous crowd. The smell of brown enters your nostrils as you order a tankard of warm grog. With every sip, memories from your recent past slowly slip away…

Plundering Loot

As you navigate your ship through the isles of the Kanvus Sea, you continuously build your legacy by assigning members of your crew to control loot-producing islands.

During your turn, plunder your islands for fish, iron, grog, and gold. Bury the most of a given loot type and be the Captain who claims the shanty Ballad.

Ballads of the Legendary Pirates

Verses, Melodies, & Lore

Melody Cards represent advantages in the game. Lore Cards represent objectives that captains need to complete in order to earn the advantages described on their paired Melody Card. This pairing of Melody and Lore cards is called a Verse.

Your collections of song Verses will create your legendary Sea Shanty! But while a long song is nice, the having more Verses doesn’t always make you the most legendary sailor.

There are two types of cards in the game.

The “Lore Deck” (denoted by a feather) is composed of objectives that captains (players) may complete. The “Melody Deck” (denoted by a treble clef) is composed of unique abilities. One of each card is paired together to create a Verse.

Three verses are placed in a common area for everyone to vie for.  

To gain the ability in the Melody card, players must be the first to complete the paired Lore card. Only one player can earn each verse during the game! 

This collection of verses, plus other types of cards called Ballads, and decisions made in the game against other players will craft the Sea Shanty of the player’s deeds

End of Game

The game comes to an end as the last lines of Lore are written or all of the Ballads of the Kanvus Sea have all been claimed. At this time, each Captain will have one final round to make their mark on history.

Once your sails have been lowered and crew dismissed, tally your Renown Points based on Ballads earned, Verses claimed, and Islands controlled. The most Renown wins and is deemed the most Legendary Pirate of the Kanvus Sea!

Head over to KickStarter now to get yourself Sea Shanties before it heads to retail stores!

This is an “Anticipation” review/rating based on research and provide materials and information not on actual gameplay experience.


Sea Shanties Anticipation Rating!

Art - 9
Board/Pieces - 9.1
Cards - 9
Story - 10
Gameplay - 9.3


Sea Shanties brings the excitement of becoming a legendary pirate to your living room! From the wonderful art on the cards to the canvas map tiles that make up the ever-changing board this game will have you and your friends sailing the Kanvus Sea plundering islands and pillage resources from other players with hours of fun!

Get it on Kickstarter Now!
User Rating: 4.55 ( 1 votes)
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