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Razer has a new wearable that could shake things up bit…literally


Meet the Razer Nabu. It is the smartwatch with productivity and interaction in mind. The Little screen on top dubbed the Public screen shows you a little icon telling you what notification just came in and then you have the option to just shake your wrist to dismiss it  or when you want to see what the message is or who is calling simply rotate your wrist and the accelerometers will give you a  look at the Private screen for the answer. There will be a companion app at launch for both IOS and Android to set up custom gestures. One offered up is that you could exchange contact information with another Razer Nabu owner through a simple handshake. It is  $49 dollars for the developer model the retail model is expected to be in that range. If they can pull it off it will be a formidable contender to the smart watch market.


source: cnet


Source: Engadget

Image Source: Razer

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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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