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Actress Sarah French Tells us Why She’s a Proud Geek!

Sarah French is an actress and model from Minnesota who got her start modeling when she was discovered at a metal concert, her favorite genre of music. She launched her modeling career under the name Scarlet Salem and quickly found success.  With a love for horror, she soon found herself booking acting gigs in the film genre and held on to her creepily seductive alias.  In April 2011 she dropped the alias and began to use her real name for all future projects.  French has appeared in over 30 films and is the starring as the ionic Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming ‘Marilyn: Zombie Hunter’ flick. In addition to acting and modeling, she has appeared in numerous magazines and even write a scream queen column for Shock Horror magazine.  We sat down with French to ask a few questions and get behind the scenes with this gorgeous Hollywood up and comer!

G33k-Hq: How do you prepare for a crying/dramatic/emotional scene?

Sarah French: I use personal experiences to augment what the character is going through and find the place in my head to channel it.

G33k-Hq: What actors do you admire? 

Sarah French: I admire many but here are some of my top ones: Sigourney Weaver because she’s had a great career playing strong female characters, Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira because she’s had a huge impact to the horror world and to this day she’s still drop dead gorgeous, Kurt Russell because anything he does is awesome, and Lucy Lawless because I’ve always admired her strong character role in Xena.

G33k-Hq: Acting or Modeling? Which do you enjoy more?

Sarah French: I love both equally, but if I had to choose, I’d say acting. Usually with acting gigs, they last longer which gives me more time to get into a character.

G33k-Hq: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

Sarah French: Well, before I got into acting, I was in school for criminal justice. Not sure what i wanted to do at the time, but I knew I wanted to work in that field. I’ve always been fascinated with the criminal mind and at the time I wanted to have a career exploring it.

G33k-Hq: What is your favorite part that you ever played?

Sarah French: Honestly, I love them all for different reasons. Its like asking who your favorite child is, its hard to choose. I love them all for different reasons. I will add that I’m really excited about playing an iconic legend in, “Marilyn Zombie Hunter”.

G33k-Hq: What determines your interest in a role?

Sarah French: I’d say character and project as a whole. Money also has a part in it as well.

G33k-Hq: What is a geek, in your opinion?

Sarah French: Someone you should get to know because they are passionate about what they love. Its never negative.

G33k-Hq: Do you consider yourself a Geek?

Sarah French: Hell yes!

Sarah will be appearing at Santa Fe Comic Con this weekend and looks forward to interacting with her fans in the southwest.  Be sure to look for her if you’re attending the event!  Also, follow French on Fb and other sites using the links below!

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