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SDCC: 20th Century Fox News from Hall H

OK, this is just a quick teaser of some of the news we heard from 20th Century Fox.  The panel was PACKED with celebrities and lots of great footage from all the upcoming Marvel films.  I’m going to lead off with there was NO Spiderman news…none, zip…he wasn’t even mentioned.  Now that’s out of the way lets start with Fantastic Four.  Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and director Josh Trank.  They talked a little bit about what the film meant to them and how they saw their characters.  Josh Trank pointed out that he really wanted to expand on the origin story and play up the tragedy of the four becoming the heroes they are.  The new footage shown let us get a better look at the whole team using their powers and Dr. Doom.

Next was Deadpool!  They brought a special clip just for Hall H with Deadpool sitting in a high back leather chair TRYING to smoke a pipe and tell us about the film…dropping some f-bombs along the way.  Any worry about this film not being a hard R is unfounded.  They premiered the new trailer, which included an improved version of some of the leaked footage.  It was bloody, curse ridden, hysterical, and balls out action!  Colossus made an appearance (long enough to smash Deadpool into a car) along with Mega Sonic Teenage Warhead!  Ryan Reynolds had no trouble breaking the forth wall and the whole cast joked onstage with each other…including running horse jokes that just wouldn’t quit at the expense of TJ Miller.


Hugh Jackman came out and introduced the X-Men portion of the panel.  He was joined by Bryan Singer ad they showed us some uncovered footage of Hugh Jackman being offered the part of Wolverine by Singer.  The cast of X-Men: Apocalypse then joined the stage.  There was an awkward moment when there ended up being NO seat left for Jackman!  They joked around and hinted that maybe he should stay, but eventually he left.  So is Bryan Singer tipping us off that Wolverine will NOT be appearing in the latest X-Men movie?

After that panel Chris Hartwick invited back ALL of the stars from each film featured so they could take one photo of everyone.  From of stage came the voice of Stan Lee who said no picture would be complete without him!  Stan looked around and asked “who can take this picture?” and then Channing Tatum came out and they debuted the logo for the Gambit movie!  The hall went nuts!

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