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Smallville: Chaos Brings it Back

ChaosSmallville has been having its own problems like many of DC’s comics. After Forever Evil – somewhat during as well if you ask me – DC has been doing things left and right to try and grab their readers, making the Green Lanterns relevant in at least three different storylines, one good two terrible for what a fan should expect.

Smallville had Lantern and Alien. Both of which disappointed in ways that just one shutter to think about. Lantern explores what happened to the Green Lantern in Smallville’s universe. While the thought is interesting enough, it was executed poorly. While their background was explored in an interesting way, it only held up for a single issue out of a four part arc.


Alien had some interesting points too. It reacquainted the audience with the relationship between Clark and Lex as well as the dynamic between Lex and Superman. It even took a very risky move by introducing Monitors, which many fans will remember were a very real nod to the 1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. The problem there is that, like all of the other storylines, it is only a four issue arc. It begins to have the same problem with Spider-Man 3, too much material in theory but not enough time or space to fully execute it.

However, Chaos does have just enough material to fill its pages while expanding on older story lines. It was as if Bryan Miller knew that he was going to end Smallville in the arc following this one because it not only tied up old story lines, but it gave us just enough to look forward to.

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LexClark finally starts his final confrontation with the Monitors, who have begun utilizing other worlds, from Manhunters to pissing off Darkseid after he finally conquered an Earth. Meanwhile Lex is becoming the megalomaniac we all love to hate – or love to love in the case of Michael Rossenbaum’s performance.

chaos 2-15Above all of this, Smallville stays very loyal to its roots in the show and further to Superman of old. He stands up for what he believes in. And it is not about his power. It is about doing what is right and defending those who cannot defend themselves. These ideas almost seem lost in New 52 and the death of Zod in Man of Steel let’s people forget how Superman can be.

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Smallville_-_Chaos_009_(Digital-Empire)005And some moments of fan service come into play, as Smallville tends to do. More importantly, it reinforces the differences of choice that were displayed in the Luthor arc of season 10 (one of the few good things to come out of that season).

Smallville_Chaos_03_1403299299051As the story moves forward, it became clear how much every little thing led to victory for this Clark. Having Chloe and losing the things he lost and winning the battles he won led to him defeat Darkseid, which led to this Superman battling Monitors while recruiting heroes one at a time.small chaos 3-10
Miller was brilliant at calling it the end of Smallville. While there are other stories to tell, it is best to finish telling the stories told on television and letting the fan enjoy it while it still has some meaning. Smallville has had it ups and downs but this reviewer will be looking forward to Smallville: Continuity. After all, Smallville knows how to finale like no other.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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