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The Hungry Gamer Reviews Roll for Adventure

Before I begin, I was provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review.  This is not a paid review. If you would prefer to see a video of this review then you can check it out below.

A fantasy world.  Co-op (or solo) play.  Sub 60 minute play time.  Dice rolling.  Sign me up!  I was hardly able to contain my excitement when I learned about Roll for Adventure.  I mean that just hits on so many levels for me.


In Roll for Adventure you take on the roles of four heroes setting out to find the lost pieces of the magical amulet.  If they can assemble it before the malevolent, dark, creepy, shadowy, boss of massive evilness conquers any of the four lands then good will prevail and the kingdom will be safe.  If not, then let me be the first to welcome our new nefarious overlord and invite them over for a pint.

Game play is actually quite simple.  Set out on the table are four lands (each one has two options of sides), and each land has a different puzzle to solve to unlock a part of the amulet you are attempting to unlock.  Each of these different puzzles involves using various dice combinations over time.  To gain these dice each hero will roll their d6’s.  Then they will select one number that they wish to utilize.  They then place these dice out on the lands on the table as they wish.  After doing that they roll again, and repeat the process, each time placing dice until they have none left.

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At the end of each hero’s activation a monster is flipped from the deck.  These monsters will then attack a specific region, either removing placed dice, and putting them in the center of the board, or damaging the land itself.  Should a land be fully damaged…see earlier comment about our glorious new overlord.  You are able to kill these monsters by using dice adding up to 6, this is particularly important because some monsters arrive and cause others to attack, creating horrible chain reactions on occasion.  They get particularly bad if the boss shows up.

So what do I think?

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The Good

To start with, I enjoy the game-play.  It is simple, but when combined with the different lands (remember each has a “hard” and an “easy” side) it suddenly becomes a fascinating puzzle.  The puzzle of how to place your dice is fun, but when you combine this with monsters attacking, and killing your dice, your trying to manage recovering your dice, and killing monsters the game begins to feel like an epic challenge.  


I also think the game components are lovely.  The cardboard is thick, and sturdy, the dice are great, and the iconography is clear.  To top it off the table presence is lovely, with the way the segments connect like a puzzle.

The game comes with a HUGE variety of heroes.  Each hero operates ALMOST the same as all the others, but they each have a single ability that is truly game changing.  I find that there are definitely some that I feel are better than others, but when I have ventured into trying out the ones that seem to be weaker, I have found it forces you to change your game-play style, and they are in fact well balanced.

Finally, I have to add that set up, teaching and playing will take under an hour in most instances.  That is fantastic.

The Middle

I have already spoken about the components being good, but I do not love the art.  It is certainly well done, but it is not particularly memorable.  It is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, I just feel that it does not really impart an individuality to the heroes, or monsters.  It does not particularly tell a story to me.

Next I will say that the rulebook does a fine job of teaching the game, and is well laid out.  Though, I think it is probably easier to watch one of the many videos out there to learn the game.

The Bad

I only have one complaint about the game.  The box.  Why is it so big?  I suppose if there are several expansions put out they will all be able to fit into the box, but in a hobby where space is at a premium an overly large box is a bummer.

Bringing it all together

Roll for Adventure absolutely feels like a hectic race to find a mystic treasure before evil conquers the land.  The dice rolling, puzzle mechanics, are good fun, and the character variety makes each game play out differently.  The art is solid, while the components are very good.  The only real question is, why is the box so big?

Make me read all that and I will send you to our illustrious despot’s gladiatorial arena

* Fast gameplay, easy to learn* Good components, solid art
* Feels like a last ditch struggle to save the kingdom
* Good character variety, with interesting powers
* Good balance or luck and strategy with dice mechanics
* Box is bigger than it needs to be by quite a bit.

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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