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Upstream: Security on Netflix

Security is currently streaming on Netflix so I decided to give it a watch. The movie is a 2017 American Millennium Films release shot in Bulgaria. I can’t find any info on a domestic release for this film so it appears the first place it has been available is Netflix, it’s just not one of the own exclusives.

I should have just rewatched this instead.

I get the feeling that Security must have been at least loosely inspired by the French film The Nest (2002), also known as Nid de guêpes (Wasp’s Nest). Which of course took cues from Assault on Precinct 13 and Rio Bravo. The concept is all basically the same, the good guys must fight off a superior enemy force in a restrictive environment. Security takes place in the fictitious Ridgeside Mall where a young girl who was in protective custody ends up escaping too when her US Marshalls convoy is ambushed. The film star Antoni Banderas and Ben Kingsley. Both of these top quality actors deserve a better project than this. It is not that Security is bad necessarily, just that you don’t need to waste these guys with acting chops on your “run of the mall” shoot-em-up movie. The cast is rounded off by Liam McIntyre (Spartacus, The Flash) and a surprisingly “not so annoying” performance by Katherine de la Rocha. The is a brief cameo by Jiro Wang, popularly known as ‘Da Dong’ who is a famous Taiwan actor and singer (Fahrenheit and D.C.W.).

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It’s not that the movie is all together bad, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and there are some pretty cool action sequences. Where else can you see a Can-Am ridden balls out inside of a mall?You just would expect more out of the cast they assembled. The script was sort of uninspired, but they did come up with some interesting traps to set for the incoming gang of bad guys. I had enough fun watching it and it didn’t put me to sleep. I guess I am a bit relieved that this isn’t one of Netflix’s own homegrown efforts, I’d hate to see them go down the path of Sy-Fy. On that note, I remember when the Sy-Fy Channel was first announced (back when it was Sci-Fi) and I was very excited.

Liam McIntyre contemplates remodeling his kitchen.

That quickly waned as I came to realize they were editing the content and their own in house efforts were schlocky to say the least. Not that Sharknado doesn’t have a place, but they have literally built their foundation on terrible films.

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I’d have to say watch Security if you are a fan of either Banderas or McIntyre and want an at home popcorn flick to kill some time. The film just isn’t very challenging and you would hope for a better product considering who was cast.

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