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You Know Whaaa

Aladdin Style Parkour

Ever wanted to learn how to run across the city’s roof top like Disney‘s Aladdin? Watch Leo, Chris, Abu, and some very talented parkour runners show us some Aladdin style parkour in this new video from Thingamavlogs.

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Remember the wargaming and sci-fi franchise ‘BattleTech’? It looks like it’s back as a turn-based game for the PC! From Harebrained Schemes, the single player tactical game will be for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Anime Studio Manglobe Goes Bankrupt

Are you a fan of the anime series ‘Samurai Champloo’, ‘Samurai Flamenco’, or ‘Gangsta’? If so, we got some bad news to share with you today. It looks like the studio Manglobe (マングローブ) is no more.

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