The Protomen’s Official Music Video to ‘Light Up The Night’

If you haven’t heard of The Protomen than you’re missing out! The best way that this writer can describe them is a rock opera based loosely on the Mega Man franchise with an 80’s vibe. Think movies like ‘Streets of Fire’ and albums like Queensrÿche’s ‘Operation: Mindcrime’.

Few bands today can pull off such dramatic performances and theatrics as The Protomen can. Once you get hooked you have to be careful not to lose yourself in a musical mythos of a grim and gritty neo-noir dystopian future ruled by the totalitarian ruler Dr. Wily.

Recently their newest music video hit the web in the form of a sixteen minute short film with songs from their album ‘Act II: The Father of Death’ (which is actually a prequel to the story from their first album). And if you get the chance be sure to see them LIVE, it’s amazing!

The blu-ray of the short film is currently available for pre-order on their website along with a number of other awesome merch (which includes the motorcycle from the video).

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